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Global Palestine – Connected Gaza


“This is about how a region has developed, how it could evolve, and if there are any lessons that we can apply in other parts of the world – regardless of where they are and what they are doing,” began AECOM Vice President, Christopher Choa. It is with this excitement that he outlines his plans for what seems an impossible project, in which the discourse of disenfranchisement and humanitarian crisis is set aside to showcase Gaza’s extraordinary potential: talented youth, a 40-km waterfront conducive to walking streets and tramways, a … Read More

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Gaza Masterplan Event with Christopher Choa, AECOM


Gaza is one of the contemporary world’s most complex environments. Is this densely populated and contained area a challenge or an opportunity? With 2 million residents, severed from the Palestinian hinterland, bordering Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean, how can Gaza manage its own needs while also integrating productively with the region? What can we learn from Gaza that we could apply to other urban areas as well?  Christopher Choa, Director of Cities from AECOM, will present ‘Global Palestine: Connected Gaza’, a recently-completed private-sector initiative that is positioning Gaza and the … Read More

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