• ULI 2018 Annual Report

    Explore the ULI 2018 Annual Report to see the progress members made in ULI UK and beyond in changing lives by improving the future of communities worldwide. Read More

  • About Us

    ULI is one of the world’s most respected and diverse organisations in the field of development, land use, and urban planning.  Established in 1936, the Urban Land Institute is a not for profit education and research body with over 40,000 members across the globe – … Read More

  • Mission

    The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Read More

  • Membership

    ULI members come from all sectors of the built environment from both the public and private sectors across Europe, the US and around the world. Members encompass the spectrum of experience from students through to senior industry figures. ULI membership is global and you can access the benefits of membership anywhere in the world. There are individual and corporate / institutional packages available. Read More

  • Giving Back

    Make a difference: You can support ULI's programme of work in a number of ways, from sponsoring events and meetings to volunteering your time and expertise. Contributions to ULI further our efforts to turn innovative land use ideas into action. Read More


Urban Innovation, Circularity and Resilient…

ULI Study Tour: Amsterdam & Utrecht 2018 If you have a top list of cities to visit that exemplify leadership in health, innovation, circularity and human centric development then Amsterdam & Utrecht should be high on the list! The 2018 ULI Urban Innovation Study Tour … Read More

ULI UK Mentorship Programme

Applications for the 2019 ULI UK Mentorship Programme are now open. Due date for applications is the 15th February 2019. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact Events & Network Manager, Agnes Gomori. ULI UK Mentorship Programme is a group mentoring programme that provides Young Leader (YL) members … Read More

ULI UK Capital Markets Forum: The Rise of…

On 6th December, the ULI held a seminar to debate the efficacy of current approaches to ESG in real estate capital markets, and the expectations of leading figures about the way ahead and the implications for the custodians of capital. Managers and REITs are having … Read More