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ULI UK Placemaking Masterclass 

Placemaking can be traced back to the 1960 when urban pioneers such as Jane Jacobs and William H Whyte discussed the idea of cities for people, in opposition to cities for cars, as the current Mayor of New York City Robert Moses had been planning. As the term indicates, placemaking is about making places, hence it relates both to the process and outcome. What better person to invite to talk about placemaking than Ed Watson, Executive Director for the West End Partnership. With over 20 years of experience in shaping … Read More

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The first ULI UK REIT seminar took place on 12th October at the offices of Goodwin where an audience of 100 heard about the state of the UK REITs market, why we are seeing a flurry of new REIT launches, the pros and cons of externally managed REITs and the lessons that we can learn from the US REIT market. The seminar opened with presentations by Hans Vrensen, Managing Director / Head of Research & Strategy, AEW Europe, London on the state of the market and Ettore Santucci, Partner, Goodwin, … Read More

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ULI Later Living Conference Q&A with Richard Meier, partner at Argent LLP

By 2025, 20.2% of the UK’s population is expected to be over the age of 65. As it stands, the UK’s housing sector is vastly underprepared for this demographic shift. The ULI Later Living conference will tackle the key issues in the sector, bringing together experts from across the industry to discuss how to manage the UK’s Later Living sector. Ahead of ULI UK’s Later Living event at Macfarlanes in the City of London, Richard Meier, partner at Argent, tells us that planners and architects need to think more vividly … Read More

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ULI Later Living Conference Q&A with Félicie Krikler, director at Assael Architecture

On the 16th October, the ULI will host its Later Living conference at the Macfarlanes offices in the City of London. With around 20% of the population set to be 65 or over by 2025, the UK’s housing market needs to prepare for the impact of such a demographic shift. As it stands, only 2% of the UK’s housing stock is specifically designated for older citizens, with only 1% of over 60s living in it. When compared to America, where 17% of the population live in retirement housing, the UK … Read More

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