Infrastructure & Regeneration Council

Our mission is to enhance the understanding of the relationship and interdependency between urban infrastructure and development, in order to improve its planning, design, investment, innovation and delivery in the UK, to create more sustainable towns and cities.

Further details of our upcoming programme can be found below including information on how to join.

Infrastructure & Regeneration Council

The UK Infrastructure & Regeneration Council aims to bring together leading investors and practitioners in real estate, urban development, transport, utilities and social infrastructure. As such the council utilizes ULI’s extensive public and private networks to exercise leadership to share best practice for the responsible investment, planning, design, development and innovation of urban infrastructure in the UK.

Our infrastructure and regeneration focus varies from year to year, but includes a wide range of sectors, all of which underpin successful urban development, including but not limited to: Transport, Utilities, Education, Health, Community Facilities, Public Realm, Innovation and Housing. Our priority is on city scale infrastructure, and its relationship with development, although we also consider national infrastructure projects where there is a significant impact on real estate and urban development in UK towns and cities.

Our programme this year will focus on two main cross cutting themes:

  • Major infrastructure investment projects and the relationship with regeneration and development
  • City scale infrastructure investment and innovation to stimulate economic growth and development.

Who we are

We are financiers, infrastructure owners, developers, investors, leading engineers, academics, civil servants, innovators and entrepreneurs as well as other professionals all active in the UK infrastructure and urban development sectors. We welcome members and participants from the public and private, large and small organisations who care about advancing best practice across the all fields of the infrastructure and urban development fields.

Our approach

Our approach seeks to enhance understanding of the planning, funding, innovation and delivery of infrastructure and development in cities. We do this by identifying and sharing best practice, exploring lessons learned on previous projects, examining future planned projects and emerging innovation to identify opportunities for better integration.

This is achieved through organising round table discussions and seminars; site visits and tours; conferences; and providing experts to participate in ULI advisory panels.

We are exploring the opportunities to produce a series of materials which can promote best practice to a wider audience. Parties interested in supporting such a project are encouraged to contact ULI.

How to join the Infrastructure Council

  • Submit a formal request to Robert de Jong.  You may be asked to submit a CV or bio in order for the co-chairs to balance council membership.
  • Attend a meeting as a guest
  • View our upcoming public forums here: ULI UK Events


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