Sustainability Council Day InfoBurst – Changing Workplaces and Densification

Sustainability Council Day_23rd May 2016_INFOBURST

The ULI UK Sustainability Council held its inaugural Council Day on the 23rd May. In true ULI fashion the day was a truly multi-disciplinary, thought provoking and educational forum that journeyed through the complex dynamics of the changing environment and knowledge around workplaces and the implications of densification.

Changing Workplaces: Workplaces and their functionality for people, business and society are changing around the world due to an evolution driven by technology, data, new business processes with an increasing understanding of the relationship between occupier satisfaction and productivity.

Densification: Increased urbanisation will place greater demand for land-use putting strain on resource, lifestyle and health, both of people and the ecosystems that support urban areas. The Council set out to answer how do forms of density influence the environmental capacity, productivity and liveability of our cities?

Full summary of the day can be found here: InfoBurst_ULI UK Sustainability Council Day 23rd May 2016

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The Sustainability Council Day was kindly hosted by: WeWork

For further details about the Sustainability Council visit: UK Sustainability Council

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