UK’s Largest Regeneration Scheme Old Oak and Park Royal – Connectivity and Flexibility

Old Oak and Park Royal has far reaching ambitions to be not only the UK’s largest regeneration scheme but an outstanding development based on its integration of infrastructure, business, community, public realm and sustainability. On the 26th January Michael Mulhern, Director of Planning provided ULI with an in-depth insight into the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation’s (OPDC) approach, as the site transitions to a multi-faceted development that will provide a new destination for business, industry, community and culture. Infrastructure attributes of the development include:

  • £1bn infrastructure investment
  • 10 rail lines dissect the area
  • 5 stations and 2 new stations planned
  • Only place HS1, HS2 and Cross rail meet
  • 200 trains per hour during peak times
  • 250,000 passengers per day through the new station
  • 1.2km Grand Union Canal
  • Crossrail depot – that may be relocated
  • Over station high density development

Infrastructure and connectivity forms the basis of unlocking the site and also frames the complexity and unique development opportunity that Old Oak and Park Royal brings to London and the wider UK. Existing land use will transition from open railyards, hidden parks and low rise industrial to hidden railways, regenerated Grand Union Canal precinct, high density commercial and residential development, with open parks. Flexibility underpins much of the OPDC’s approach where the integration of existing industrial and new business and residential areas both within the site are being carefully considered to ensure a development that within the forthcoming 20 years is forecast to deliver:

  • 55% of London’s housing
  • 35% of London’s new jobs
  • £2 billion transport infrastructure and Schools

Like the development of the London Olympics Park the OPDC is a single governing authority under the jurisdiction of the London Mayor, however unlike the Olympic Park finance for the OPDC is more constrained with 2/3rds of funding likely to derive from non-government finance, therefore seeing innovative PPP funding opportunities to deliver its ambitious projects. With uncertain capital flexibility underpins the OPDC’s emerging masterplan, allowing for the area to adapt to emerging businesses opportunities within its 35 year development horizon. Ambitions to be an exemplar location for emerging business, environmental standards, mixed use development and a region that provides far reaching benefits to London and the UK, further underpin OPDC’s ambition to be not only deliver a large scale development but new London region with a lasting legacy.

The event slides by Michael Mulhern, Director of Planning, OPDC can be viewed here:

SLIDES: OPDC_Michael Mulhern

The Infrastructure Council is planning an Old Oak and Park Royal site visit later this year and look forward to sharing further details with you shortly. For further details and how to join the council please visit here: ULI UK Infrastructure Council

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