ULI UK: Innovation Council Virtual Case Study - Collaboration Platform and Design Tour


Tuesday 20 October 2020
12:00pm - 1:30pm BST


Online This webinar will be hosted by Zoom. UNITED KINGDOM


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Can digital collaboration platforms change the way we work? The ULI UK Innovation Council will be holding an immersive virtual tour of Squint/Opera’s SpaceForm.

SpaceForm is an immersive platform and service for presenting architectural designs and masterplans. A collaboration between Squint/Opera, BIG and UNStudio, the first prototype was built in 2018 and has recently been selected to participate in the Epic MegaGrants program. A virtual workspace that is hosted in the cloud, SpaceForm offers a new and more sustainable way for remote teams to meet, collaborate and design virtually.

This event is limited to 40 attendees with the opportunity for 10 to join the 'planning table'. Attendees can also join via VR (if you have your own set). Please let us know if you are able to attend with your own VR set by contacting Martha Wagstaff.

This event may not be suitable for older PC’s (min spec Windows 10 with Intel i5).

Virtual Tour Guides
Alice Britton, Co-Founder and Director, Squint/Opera
Alice is a Co-Founder and Director at Squint/Opera, a creative studio and consultancy based in London and New York. Alice plays a key role in articulating the studio’s creative vision and works at the intersection of creativity and technology. As Director, she guides Squint’s team of designers, animators and artists to create immersive content for architects, master planners, developers and key stakeholders shaping cities internationally. Alice is continually exploring how digital media will inform the future of the built environment, informed both by her degree in Architecture and myriad of experience across creative, digital projects.   
Jan-Maarten Heuff, Director, Squint/Opera
Jan is a Director at Squint/Opera, a creative studio and consultancy based in London and New York. Jan joined the studio in 2016 after running his own technology businesses for nearly 20 years. As a Director, he is responsible for digital product strategy and developing and delivering our growing international portfolio in Asia. After training as an architect, Jan switched to digital in the 90s and has produced over 500 projects for some of the largest brands in the world, including Sony, MTV, Disney and BBC. In recent years he has focused on digital strategy, aligning business, creative and technical requirements around human focused needs to build better products for global audiences.  
Jack Stewart, Digital Design Leader, Hawkins/Brown 
Jack leads Digital Design at Hawkins\Brown. The Digital Design Team continually develop new processes using their skills in computation to overcome design challenges.
With a growing team of computational designers and architects turned software developers, the team can offer expertise across all projects at Hawkins\Brown. This includes focused scripting and coding expertise to help resolve design challenges and create tools to deliver more robust and efficient production information.
More broadly the team reviews digital technology across the practice and explores how we can innovate both how we better practice architecture, and, more importantly, how we create better places.

David Weir-McCall, AEC Strategic Development, Epic Games
From a background of Architecture and Technology, David currently works with the Epic Games Enterprise team in the AEC, spearheading the companies initiatives in technological innovation with the Unreal-Engine and our AEC partners.


Mike Saunders, CEO and co-founder, Commonplace
Mike has led the development of pioneering digital products and services in the built environment, science and education. In co-founding Commonplace, he set out to connect people to the place they live, work or play to accelerate positive change. Commonplace is now used by hundreds of councils, property developers and infrastructure projects around the UK and overseas. Mike is also a board member of Trinity College London.


 ULI UK Innovation Council. (former ULI UK Tech Forum) If you are not already a member of the ULI Innovation Council and interested in joining please visit - ULI UK Innovation Council 



Lauren Poon

Senior Associate, CallisonRTKL-UK

As the Head of Digital for CRTKL UK, Europe, and the Middle East, Lauren is spearheading data-enabled design and digital innovation. She is paving the way for sustainable and responsive creative processes by fostering and developing ideas with diverse, multidisciplinary teams. Lauren is bringing about advancements in BIM, computational design, and emerging technologies to generate better solutions, faster. Informed by specialist expertise in residential regeneration schemes and her creative human-centric approach, the application of these solutions is creating successful mixed-use communities with user-experience at their core.