Current Quarterly Bulletin

ULI UK sends out a monthly e-bulletin to members highlighting upcoming offers, initiatives, and events.

Current Quarterly Bulletin

ULI UK sends out a weekly and monthly e-bulletins to members highlighting upcoming opportunities, initiatives and events.  Please contact us to join the mailing list.

Below are some highlights from 2016.

ULI UK 2016

Looking back over a packed 2016 we’ve picked out some ULI UK highlights, as follows:

Welcoming 120 people to the GLA’s spectacular venue “London’s Living Room” to celebrate the first year’s winning teams in our UrbanPlan project for state schools. If you haven’t seen the latest video, click here.  An audience made up of students, teachers and representatives of the project’s funders heard from architects on the challenges of building in London. Then from students on what they had gained from the project. The schools finished with a quick “speed dating session” to meet representatives of different parts of the property world and to ask questions about their careers.

The global launch in November of a paper written by UK Executive Committee member and Head of our Sustainability Council, Jon Lovell“L’ACCORD DE PARIS: A Potential Game Changer for the Global Real Estate Industry”.

A private workshop for 22 Birmingham City Council councillors and officers on the merits of good density in cities, giving them the time to learn and discuss the ideas outside the public arena. But followed immediately by a larger public meeting enabling the full range of public and private stakeholders to discuss how Birmingham might take the lessons on board.

The launch of the Second Edition of our “Build to Rent: ULI UK Best Practice Guide” which has quickly become a residential property industry standard, as witnessed by the fact that over 300 people came to the launch (and bought copies…).

Participation by UK Executive Committee member and Head of our Infrastructure Council, Chris Choa, at an important meeting in Brussels, hosted by ULI Belgium, on how high speed rail is changing the connectivity of cities within Europe. In our extraordinarily urbanising and globalising age, the biggest, best connected cities win.  And rail connectivity, and increasingly high-speed rail, is an essential component for economic integration.

Last but not least, the huge energy and flow of ideas we get from our 350 Young Leaders, 100 of whom have been mentored this year by industry leaders from amongst our members. Special mention should go to the Young Leaders “Innovators and Disrupters” events, which have shown us so much that is new and exciting in the property world, and which have started individual conversations we are taking forward in many different ways.

None of this, and none of our other activities, would have been possible without the energy, time, ideas and resources of our members, now over 1,000 and other supporters.  So a big thank you to all of you.

Gaza Masterplan Event

Gaza is one of the contemporary world’s most complex environments. Is this densely populated and contained area a challenge or an opportunity? With 2 million residents, severed from the Palestinian hinterland, bordering Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean, how can Gaza manage its own needs while also integrating productively with the region?  Read more…

Capital Markets Insights

Six months on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, “Brexit” is still dominating every discussion about UK real estate. The perception at the annual ULI UK Capital Markets Forum was that while the UK, and London in particular, will remain a safe haven for global capital in the long term, over the short-to-medium term real estate is in for a painful period. Read more…

Reflections from ULI UK Sustainability Chair, Jon Lovell

Well, that was some year! A year of extraordinary paradoxes and contradictions. In truth, I’m still trying to get my head around it, such was the peculiarity of the many events which unfolded.  Hot on the heels of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, I headed in to 2016 with a renewed sense of hope and determination. Read more…

2017 Mentor Programme 

Applications are now closed for the popular Young Leader’s mentor programme.  Over 100 mentees benefited from the programme last year and is a unique member benfit. Read more…


ULI UK Flagship Events 2017

Join fellow ULI members and guests at our annual Winter Drinks at Television Centre, White City, on the evening of 26th January and the ULI UK Annual Conference on 24th May. Read more…


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