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PwC and ULI Scotland delivered an engaging seminar around the recent Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report. The outlook for 2015 was shared by Susannah Simpson, Director, PwC Scotland and highlighted that residential and healthcare sectors were regarded as the highest investment opportunities and 18% agree that sustainable assets achieve higher rental value.

Interestingly the report highlights that 27% have investment horizons of 10+ years while 44% have investment horizons between 1-5 years.  The panel which included: Iain Henderson Hendelsbanken; Alan Howie, Keills, James Rushworth, Standard Life Investments; Greg Ward, City of Edinburgh Council and facilitated by John Forbes, highlighted that Scotland could be different with a majority of fund managers discussing long-term investments. Unlocking significant investment opportunities is a challenge and the panel agreed this required joint city strategies and possibly new investment models.

City centres are seen as the place to invest however as highlighted in the recent ULI and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce ‘Tomorrow’s City Centre’ report they require a diversity of assets, which includes more residential living for Glasgow and increased retail offering in strategic areas for Edinburgh. Residential living in the form of Build to Rent (as championed by the Urban Land Institute UK) was seen as needing further political support but there was an agreement that commercial forces would lead the way for shaping this new residential opportunity.

Greater connectivity and collaboration between infrastructure and property investment were seen as the opportunities for Scotland to realise its true potential. On a local level Edinburgh’s tram has delivered a positive impact and high speed rail to Glasgow, Edinburgh and the wider UK was seen as essential for improving business, tourism, user experience and unlocking city centre opportunities.

Download the Emerging Trends in Real Estate here: Emerging-Trends-in-Real-Estate-Europe-2015

Our next event for ULI Scotland will be the 27th April Funds Seminar. Further details will be shared shortly but to keep in touch please contact Agnes Gomori, uk@uli.org to be kept informed of our growing programme of activities.

View photos of the event here: Emerging Trends 25th February 2015

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Kindly hosted by PwC Scotland

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