ULI UK Mentorship Programme

Applications for the 2019 ULI UK Mentorship Programme are now closed. 

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact Events & Network Manager, Agnes Gomori.

ULI UK Mentorship Programme is a group mentoring programme that provides Young Leader (YL) members with a unique opportunity to discuss relevant issues related to real estate and professional development with their peers and an established member of ULI in a confidential and intimate setting.

Each group consists of 3-4  YL members under the age of 35.  Members are from diverse professional backgrounds with an appropriate mix of companies within each group.

The mentor is a senior level executive in the real estate industry and an active member of ULI. The group is required to meet at least 4 times a year and out of respect to the mentor and fellow mentees we expect 100% attendance at the meetings.

Feedback from past mentors and mentees
“An invaluable opportunity to tap into the knowledge of a highly experienced professional.”

“The ULI YL Mentorship Programme encompass what ULI YL stands for – education through exchange of knowledge, networking with peers and higher ranking professionals in an informal atmosphere.”

“It feels good to provide guidance to smart young people and to help their professional development.”

“My mentor was brilliant. I have had opportunities that I could have only achieved through the help of the ULI Mentoring Programme”

“This came at the perfect time in my career and it was extremely valuable to get advice from an influential, well respected leader that understood my business.”

“A thoroughly rewarding experience for all parties and not time consuming at all. ULI is all about ‘giving back’ and supporting young professionals at the beginning of their career and is one simple way we can make a difference.’’

Programme Aims

  • Providing high level knowledge and insight into the career opportunities and experiences from a senior members perspective in a confidential environment
  • To guide mentees to respond to career and industry opportunities by sharing experiences of the industry as a whole or from a specific sector
  • Engaging mentees to develop their expertise within their chosen field and develop their stakeholder knowledge
  • To aid mentees in their personal development by guiding them to engage in to think about the attitudes and behaviours required to succeed in their aspirations
  • Provide senior ULI members and junior ULI member with an environment for mutual learning and looking at issues from a different perspective
  • Support the development and skills for members from across the property industry

The role of the mentee 

•    To be clear about what you want to achieve from the mentoring relationship
•    To ensure that you use the time with your mentor efficiently and productively
•    To be open and honest
•    To be prepared to challenge your career strategies and goals
•   To be prepared for your mentoring meetings and act on action points in between sessions as agreed with mentors

The role of the mentor 
•    Meet with the mentees on a regular basis
•    Challenge the mentees’ ideas, views, observations and opinions
•    Confront and discuss difficult issues – help the mentees work through difficult decisions
•    Guide mentees to develop their network and industry knowledge

Mentor and mentee meetings
The mentor and the mentees will agree on the best methods, frequency and nature of subsequent communications between them. We recommend quarterly face-to-face meetings with communication between meetings. The mentees have full responsibility for approaching the mentor and organising meetings.  The organisers will be following up with both mentors and mentees to ensure all parties are happy with the process.

Mentees will be provided with contact details and should aim to set up their first meeting within 4 weeks. We suggest quarterly meetings of 1 to 2 hours, although mentors and mentees can agree contact going forward.

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