Thematic Series

Thematic Series

Innovators and Disrupters

The Innovators and Disrupters is a new series run by ULI UK Young Leaders, which allows members to meet with people who are radically shaking up the world of bricks and mortar with their iconoclast thinking.

Held in exclusive locations, this series aims to give voice to speakers outside of the “usual suspects”, encouraging discussions with the next generation of innovators and fostering creative debates amongst real estate professionals.

Recent Innovators and Disrupters events include:

Future events in the series will look at housing alternatives at The Collective; and the Hackney Fashion Hub.

Public Private Partnerships (The Future of London Infrastructure)

The ULI’s PPP event programme is unique in the real estate industry and is effective in bringing public and private sector representatives together to discuss the successes, challenges, and future potential for PPP in London and elsewhere in the UK.

There are two events held each year. The next event, scheduled March, will delve into several recent high-profile joint venture partnerships in London and will hear from the key leaders who were instrumental in shaping those deals.