Sustainability Council

Our vision is to accelerate the rapid uptake of sustainability across the UK real estate sector and to remove barriers to enable everyone to implement sustainable practice in all aspects of their work.

Sustainability Council

The UK Sustainability Council’s mission is to accelerate the rapid uptake of sustainability across the UK real estate industry, to provide commoditisation and to remove barriers so everyone can implement sustainable practice in all aspects of their work. Our programme this year will be considered around four main areas of focus: existing buildings, overlaying building performance with productivity, social cohesion and climate resilience.

Who we are

We are investors, institutional property owners and managers, leading designers and engineers, academics and civil servants, as well as other professionals, all active in the UK property sector. We welcome members and participants from the public and private, large and small organisations who care about advancing sustainability in all areas of our industry.

Delivering Our Vision

Our vision is to accelerate the rapid uptake of sustainability across the UK real estate sector, and to remove barriers to enable everyone to implement sustainable practice in all aspects of their work.

We will do this by providing inspiration to the UK property industry through high quality presentations of thought leaders, member discussion, select speakers and by sharing examples of best practice locally and internationally.  We participate as a respected voice in the UK industry on sustainability issues and a ‘safe harbour’ where ideas can be discussed among peers, explored and fostered.  We aim to be the first port of call for members in the UK on sustainability issues.

Our Approach

We work with industry representatives and the public sector in the UK to establish the national agenda. We also work closely with ULI, Greenprint and the European Council internationally, to ensure that we are sharing best practice and thought leadership here in with our members in the UK.

How to join the Sustainability Council

  • Submit a formal request to Robert de Jong.  You may be asked to submit a CV or bio in order for the co-chairs to balance council membership.
  • Attend a meeting as a guest
  • View our upcoming public forums here: ULI UK Events


The Business Case for Passivhaus

PassivHaus has grown in popularity in the UK with increasing numbers of private residences and schools completed over the past years, as well as two major efforts exceeding 100 units by local authorities, Camden and Norwich City. Launched in the early 90’s Passivhaus promises highly efficient buildings with far reaching benefits across the building life-cycle. Why is market adoption slow and only until recently being considered at a significant scale in the UK? A roundtable led by the ULI Sustainability and Residential Council’s provided first hand insights from Norwich Council, … Read More

Energy Cost of Preservation – Policy Rethink?

Heritage preservation is a contentious topic across the UK and one that can not be measured on a single factor. ULI were privileged to have Christian Hilber, Professor of Economic Geography, LSE share his research into The Energy Cost of Preservation as part of the ULI Research Insights series. The forum provided a fascinating debate which also included Andrea Carvajal, Associate, Sturgis Carbon Profiling and Joe Baker, Head of Service Management, London Borough of Haringey to explore the value of preservation and how whole lifecycle factors should also play an … Read More

Sustainability Council Evolution

Sustainability has significantly matured across all property sectors and as such the ULI UK Sustainability Council has decided to evolve its focus to ensure it continues to provide a lasting value and impact across ULI. Our new approach to ‘sustainability’ will focus on engaging with the wider ULI agendas to assist in delivering cutting-edge thinking more broadly across all real estate sectors. The ‘Sustainability Council’ will retain a core focus and safe harbour for honest debate through two annual meetings and seek closer collaboration with ULI’s Councils, flagship events and … Read More

ULI Retail Healthy Places Roundtable

As people live longer and many cities densify it is becoming more apparent that the urban environment plays an increasingly integral role in human health. ULI recently held a Retail focused Healthy Places Roundtable in Birmingham, bringing together key players (see attendees in summary link below) from across the urban life-cycle to understand and challenge how property and the urban environment could play a leadership role in improving citizen health. The roundtable also forms part of a growing programme across ULI with two earlier forums in the UK and the … Read More

ULI UK Sustainability Council Day

Urban Resilience: Health, Circular Economy and Flooding Our urban environment is rapidly evolving to meet the resource, health and climate requirements of the future but are these changes wide spread? Drawing on applied learnings and research from the circular economy, health and flooding, the Sustainability Council Day will bring together multi-disciplinary urban professionals to better understand how best practice is unlocking and delivering urban resilience. The ULI UK Sustainability Council Day – kindly hosted by Sidley Austin, 25 Basinghall St, London EC2V 5HA – will take place on 23rd May 2017. This … Read More

A workspace or a social experience? A tour of Sky Central

Author: Rob Enright, Blackstock PR Last month a small group of ULI members had the privilege to tour the tallest commercial timber structure in the UK. Neil Usher, Director of Workplace at Sky, Wayne McKiernan, of PLP Architecture, and Arup’s Carolina Bartram guided the group through a structure that really is a social experience. The building is a modern, people-centric workplace. The tour took us through a 37,700m2 building that has been designed to encourage flexibility, openness, ease of access and communication. Along the way we journeyed through 18 ‘neighbourhoods’ … Read More

Reflections from ULI UK Sustainability Chair, Jon Lovell

Well, that was some year! A year of extraordinary paradoxes and contradictions. In truth, I’m still trying to get my head around it, such was the peculiarity of the many events which unfolded. Hot on the heels of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, I headed in to 2016 with a renewed sense of hope and determination. Finally, after years of effort, the world had taken a unanimous stand against one of the defining threats of our time. Political resolve unparalleled in living memory, emboldened by the clarion call from … Read More

COP21: A Potential Game Changer

ULI was proud to release a new report entitled ‘L’Accord de Paris: A Potential Game Changer for the Global Real Estate Industry’ at the end of September. This summary paper, written by ULI UK Sustainability Chairman, Jon Lovell, and co-produced by ULI Europe & the ULI Center for Sustainability, provides an overview of the key issues and implications for real estate that arise from the COP21 Paris Agreement and the steps that the industry can take in response. In Paris in late 2015, the 21st annual Conference of the Parties … Read More

L’Accord de Paris: A Potential Game Changer for the Global Real Estate Industry

In Paris in late 2015, the 21st annual Conference of the Parties (COP-21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took place. At this historic event, 195 countries reached an unprecedented agreement to combat climate change by accelerating and intensifying the transition to a near-zero carbon global economy this century: the Paris Agreement on climate change, otherwise known as L’Accord de Paris. The central element of this agreement is the aggressive scientific objective of holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above preindustrial … Read More

Adapting a heritage house for a carbon sensitive future

119 Ebury Street, a listed Georgian terrace building has recently completed a seven-year journey that saw the building being converted into three sustainable luxury apartments. ULI members were recently taken on a pre-occupation tour of this unique building and insights into how Grosvenor set out to achieve a climate sensitive renovation while maintaining the heritage value of this property. Victoria Herring, Caroline Haines and Matthew Payne shared how their aim of achieving a staggering 80% carbon reduction while maintaining the historic value of a Grade II Georgian listed property is … Read More